2018 EAMF Information

The Washington State University School of Music will host the second annual WSU ElectroAcousticMiniFest, which will be held October 12-13, 2018 in Pullman, Washington.

This year’s festival will feature WSU School of Music professor Ryan M. Hare (https://soundcloud.com/ryan-m-hare), a bassoonist and composer who performs actively internationally as a solo, chamber, and orchestral musician.

Concert programs will be posted here in the near future. You are also warmly invited to like our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ElectroAcousticMiniFest/) to keep up with happenings and info! For other questions and inquiries, please email eaminifest@gmail.com.

The following works were selected through a juried process. Submitters have been notified by email (please check your email for an RSVP link!).

Alexis Carrier, A Far Travel Home
Andrew McManus, Mesospherics
Anna Meadors, Apophony
Ben Wylie, Hum II
Carlos Cotallo Solares, Sonant
Carolyn Borcherding, Frenetic Disintegration
Charles Halka, Expand, Contract, Breathe, Weep, Bellow
Daniel A. Walzer, Boott Mill (Lowell)
Daniel Eichenbaum, If your boy leads
David Jason Snow, Wake me when we get there
Ewa Trebacz, Minotaur for horn and surround sound
Gökalp Kanatsız, An – Kayıp
Hunter Long, The Vulpine Series
Jake Kargl, Dream
Joao Pedro Oliveira, Heavy Metals
Kyle Vanderburg, Creatures from the Black Bassoon
Mark Phillips, Fake News
Marshall Jones, Brooding Belligerence
Merina Gordon, Beneath the Subconscious
Nathaniel Haering, Medical Text p.57
Robert Strobel, Patient Chances
Ruby Fulton, 27 Miles East of Headquarters ID
Scott Blasco, Transfiguration
Sean Hallowell, Just of Temperament
Thomas Dempster, To Quiet the Wind
Tyler R. Gonelli, To Work
Vahid Jahandari, The Blind Owl